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Dotti Gallagher Consulting helps companies promote and differentiate their brand, tell evocative stories, and build a positive reputation by creating smart marketing and communication programs.

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Hi! My consulting practice offers my talent and experience to companies that need end-to-end strategic marketing, branding and communications development, as well as short-term or project-based marketing programs. 

You may be wondering, “What is Dotti really good at?” I’m good at strategic thinking and brand/product positioning. I’m good at looking a complex problem or situation and quickly seeing how everything fits into a cohesive plan and solution. And, I’m good at participating as part of a team and delivering marketing and communications expertise to a project.



What We Do...

marketing strategies

We’ll create smart marketing strategies that will help your company grow. The process starts with understanding where your company is today and where you want to be in the future. Development of the strategy may include formal or informal research, message mapping, creation of websites, collateral or digital sales materials, or lead generation campaigns. Implementation begins only after the strategy is in place. 

Executive speaking coach

The best messages, presentations and speeches can miss the mark when the speaker's skills lack polish and pizzaz. Executive speaking takes preparation, practice, and skillful coaching to hit the mark. My clients rely on me to create and deliver one-to-one or small group public speaker training sessions that turn good speakers into TED-worthy presenters. I also teach public speaking at Utah Valley University where I'm helping the next generation of executives hone their presentation skills. 

project management

New projects or special initiatives crop-up all the time, often with a workload your in-house team can’t handle. High-level planning may be required to organize complex projects and reduce internal chaos. Or, an outside marketing lead may need to be added to your project team. Let’s talk. Our experience in project management ranges from small one-time events to large-scale acquisitions and integrations. We can help meet your business targets. 

build brands

A strong brand will differentiate your company and create the perception in the mind of your customers that there’s nobody out there quite like you. That’s a powerful position to hold. Brands are built on consistency, continuity, and competency. My proprietary model for brand building will help us strengthen your brand and your business…together. 

communication strategy

Every marketing initiative needs internal communication that engages your staff in the process. Organizational change demands clear, honest communication. And, executive communication with customers, stakeholders and staff needs to be crisp, on-target and motivating. It’s not easy. We help companies build communication strategies that connect them with their stakeholders and drive business results. 

develop digital strategies

Digital strategies are an essential part of marketing and communication today. They can include websites and intranets, social media, email marketing, downloadable information products, apps, and more. Regardless, you need to ensure that these resources tie to your brand, communicate clearly, help achieve business goals, and, most important, be integrated with your overall marketing program. We’ll develop digital strategies that work for you. 

brand storytelling

Great stories never get old. They pull us in, create an emotional response, and stay with us. Brands need stories, too, built on compelling messages that communicate and move each target audience to action. Successful brands have evocative stories that can be told by every employee and across every customer touchpoint. We create stories your people will connect with.

public relations strategies

Public relations strategies help influence perceptions about your brand and build a positive reputation for your company. The PR toolbox includes media relations, thought leadership, sponsorship and event marketing, and crisis communication plans. PR strategies can also include community social responsibility, philanthropy and diversity initiatives. As an accredited PR professional (APR) and Fellow, PRSA, Dotti can create a strategy your team can run with, or manage your PR program on a retainer basis.

as-needed consulting

We can provide short-term, needs-based marketing consulting for special projects, acquisitions and mergers, new product launches, maternity and sabbatical coverage, or when extra marketing team members are required. Let’s chat about adding Dotti to your team!


Dotti was tasked with acting as an internal marketing consultant to the presidents of our several separate operating companies, each with their own brand identity and sales and marketing needs. All with a keen focus on growing sales while building the brand!
— Edward B. Nubel, SVP Sales and CMO, Retired, TrueBlue, Inc.