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Large-Scale Acquisition Achieves
Customer/Staff Retention Goals



In 2013, TrueBlue acquired MDT Personnel, to date the largest acquisition in the company’s history. The company required a communication plan to all stakeholders that would retain customers, employees and staff and position the new combined company for growth.


What Dotti Did

Developed an internal communications strategy designed to inform MDT staff members about the acquisition and what it would mean to them, and to position TrueBlue in a positive light in order to retain staff. The strategy included:

  • Comprehensive communication plan for introducing the acquisition and connecting with staff members throughout the transition
  • Established an intranet site that provided up-to-the-minute information, FAQ, and email response system
  • Engaged executive leadership in a series of in-branch visits, meetings and team-building events on Day One of the merger and beyond
  • Distributed a brand welcome package to each MDT employee at their homes, engaging them and their families with the new brand

Developed an external communications strategy that announced the acquisition to all customers and positioned it as a positive. The strategy included:

  • Use of MDT website to announce the coming merger, followed by email teasers and, ultimately, a redirect of the current site to the new TrueBlue site
  • Creation of external messaging map and key messages for customer-facing staff members
  • Development of collateral materials to support communication from internal staff



MDT was successfully integrated into the TrueBlue organization. 98 percent of customers were retained and 97 percent of staff members were retained. The customers and staff members who transitioned understood the TrueBlue brand and were positioned for growth of their business and their careers.

98% of customers were retained and 97% of staff members were retained.



Spencer Ingram

Spencer focuses on the various facets of law that revolve around digital media and technology, whether that’s securing patents and trademarks for wearable tech or negotiating distribution agreements for the now prolific AZL App. Prior to co-founding Harris Ingram, he managed the tech startup accounts for Lee, Wooden & Ziegler LLP. Spencer has represented and advised entrepreneurs on best legal practices for their business for over 15 years.



Juris Doctor, 1999

B.A., Economics, 1995

Activities & Affiliations

• ABCD Bar Association, Member
• Constitutional Conservation, Member

Bar Admissions

• New York, Illinois, California




Isabel Sonam

Isabel got her start working under Hugo Walters, Esq., director of the ABC Fashion Institute. She specializes in all things related to fashion law, whether that’s securing a trademark for a logo design or helping clients work through federal textile laws. Before joining Harris Ingram, she was an associate at fine arts practice Veronica Chin, PLLC. Isabel also represents fine artists, galleries, appraisers, and more on art litigation matters.



Juris Doctor, 2002

B.A., Art History, 1999

Activities & Affiliations

• ABCD Bar Association, Member

Bar Admissions

• New York, California