Dotti Gallagher Consulting
Dotti Gallagher Consulting helps companies promote and differentiate their brand, tell evocative stories, and build a positive reputation by creating smart marketing and communication programs.
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Strategies that Work


Success Stories from
the Marketing Trenches

The projects I work on in my practice span the marketing, branding, digital and communications world. No two are alike yet they all have a single common outcome: the success of others. The results shared in these stories illustrate what can happen through great partnerships, hard work, and a little bit of luck. 


Dotti leads by example. Her extremely upbeat demeanor is infectious and creates an environment of confidence and ease. But she is tough on the details - the strategy must be sound and clear and the output must support the strategy - always. Her left, right brain capabilities are impressive as she is capable of deep diving into SEO strategy or a complex marketing initiative one moment and then pivot on a dime to provide insightful, constructive feedback on a visual design project, the next moment.
— Matt Delcomyn, Principal, Matt Delcomyn Creative, Seattle