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Case Study 6

Can Social Media Help to Market a Service Company?


B2B Social Media - Launching a social media program that works.



The TrueBlue organization was keen to develop a social media program but skeptical about how it could drive business results and about how to maintain control over user-generated content. 


What Dotti Did

Research and study of the social sphere was completed and a position paper developed for TrueBlue executive leadership which helped educate them on the potential of social media to support corporate growth goals. The most appropriate social platforms for the company were identified. URLs were acquired and profile pages were designed and written for each. A social strategy was formulated and tested in a six-month long pilot program to determine the best ways to build social content, attract followers and drive engagement. An A-B-C methodology was employed to test various ways of meeting social goals and managing ongoing content development.



The pilot program determined that social media is not an effective way for TrueBlue to reach its target audience without aggressive efforts to encourage them to connect; great content alone will not do the job. It also determined that centralized, geo-targeted content management is the best way to deliver posts that will engage audiences.

A social media strategy and program was developed based on the results of the pilot. A social media policy was created and introduced to all staff members as required ‘training’. Social following and engagement dashboards were created to track results. Month-over-month increases in followers was realized for more than 24 months.

Centralized, geo-targeted content management is the best way to deliver posts that will engage audiences.