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Case Study 4

An Established Company is Re-branded & Re-energized


New Brand Identity - Re-branding to differentiate an established company and drive growth.



Truck driver staffing company TLC needed a brand make-over. The company wanted to stand-out among its competitors, establish a more distinctive, relevant brand identity, and use that distinction to generate demand for its services and drive growth.


What Dotti Did

A critical first step was to understand who and what the brand was. A brand identity workshop was convened that generated a new value proposition and core attributes. It also paved the way for a new brand name that would capture the brand identity. The recommended name Centerline Drivers was approved.

The project then moved onto implementation and planning, which included a logo and brand identity system, positioning strategy, key messaging and content writing, website development, and internal and external communications strategy. A cross-functional team ensured other operational aspects of the new brand were aligned (legal, accounting, HR, finance, IT and the like).

A comprehensive brand launch program was developed for internal staff that included webinars, collateral materials, promotional products and advertising. A commemorative plaque was given to each staff member to honor the past and usher-in the new brand. A companion launch program was created for customers and drivers which included PR, promotional and business communications, collateral materials, emails and one-to-one meetings with account managers.



The entire project was completed on time and on budget. 100 percent of TLC’s customers and employees were retained in the conversion. The Centerline name took hold internally and externally and since its launch, the company has grown from $20 million to more than $100 million in annual sales.

Since its launch, the newly branded company has grown from $20 million to more than $100 million in annual sales.