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Case Study 3

Market Expansion, One Market a Month


New Market Launch - Marketing strategy for an aggressive expansion



During a period of intense growth, construction staffing company CLP Resources made a plan to expand their branch locations at a rate of one new market a month for 24 consecutive months. New markets were located across the United States, from Albuquerque to Boise, Atlanta to Hartford. From a marketing perspective, this plan called for development of market intelligence, introduction of the brand to prospective customers and associates, launch activities and promotion in each location. A smart, scalable strategy was required. 


What Dotti Did

To meet the demands of an aggressive launch schedule, Dotti developed a new market template that was scaled up or down depending on local needs. Elements included:

  • Location analysis and market intelligence. A standard format for collecting local market data was created. High-level intelligence was managed by Dotti, while local insights, development of sales and recruiting goals, and naming of key customer influencers was provided by the local branches. This shared approach and “fill in the blank” format enabled a satisfactory result, quickly. 
  • Branch in a box. Working with the marketing support team, Dotti created a checklist of marketing materials to be provided to each branch and a timeline for order and distribution. That “branch in a box” tool included signage and banners, sales and recruiting collateral, promotional materials, and a news release template for announcing the new business and team members.
  • Direct mail. Market and industry research determined that direct mail would be an effective way to reach target customers. These prospects were identified using Dun & Bradstreet and Hoovers resources, along with industry association lists. Dotti led the design of a direct mail piece that could be efficiently amended for each market. The piece was a distinctively-sized booklet, allowing it to stand out from standard mail. It promoted the CLP brand differentiators, included a photo and introduction of the local branch manager and a map of the branch location, and used a discount coupon as a call to action.
  • Launch events. A menu of launch events was provided to each branch and included things like “refer a friend” rewards, safety contests, welcome barbecues for customers, associates and their families, presentations or sponsorships at trade groups, and hosted breakfast meetings with executive speakers. The choice of events was left up to each manager. The execution of events was managed by Dotti and her team.



The marketing plan was effective in supporting the opening of 24 new branch markets in 24 months, and led to each location hitting their revenue goals and timelines. The tools used to support this ambitious plan were recycled and revamped for use by the company over the next several years. NOTE: CLP became part of PeopleReady in October 2016.

The marketing plan supported the opening of 24 new markets in 24 months, each hitting their revenue goals and timelines.