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Case Study 2

Creating a Unified Family of Brands


Brand Alignment. Nine brands unified under a single system.



TrueBlue and its family of staffing brands grew by acquisition: starting with Labor Ready, the company added Spartan Staffing, CLP Resources, PlaneTechs, and Centerline, then added brand extensions PTS Travelers, TransTechs, TrueBlue Energy & Industrial and TrueBlue Hospitality. By 2015, the organization had a great cross section of brands and capabilities, but no unified system of marketing and cross-selling. Each of the nine companies had its own messaging, visual and brand identity, positioning, and brand standards. The company needed to unify its offerings from a brand and visual perspective while allowing each brand to maintain its own identity.


What Dotti Did

Dotti identified the need for a unified offering and moved forward the initiative to create a branding, visual and messaging system that would bring the various staffing companies together. Partnering with the company’s creative director, the current state was assessed and a new approach to branding was conceived. That new system was anchored by standardization of brand visuals; a unique color palette for each brand; alignment of marketing materials; and, creation of standard templates for all print and digital collateral.

The project also included an internal campaign to announce and promote the new system. It featured a video, production of the new materials, and internal communications. (A decision was made to postpone alignment of the various brand websites.) 



The new system aligned nine distinct brands in a single system of visuals, messages, templates and materials that made it easier for staff to communicate and sell, and for customers to understand the relationship among the companies. 

The project resulted in a cohesive brand approach which will support revenue goals over time.