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Case Study 13

Putting a Distinctive Stamp on a Direct Mail Firm


Public Relations Strategy to promote, differentiate and grow a small business



JLH Mailing & Fulfillment, a direct mail company located in Sparks, Nevada, had experienced steady year-over-year growth, but a new competitor threatened to take away market share and stall JLH’s revenue projections. The company needed a strategy to promote its brand in the marketplace, differentiate JLH from its primary competitor, and generate sales with new and current clients.


What Dotti Did

A series of discovery meetings was held with JLH principals to explore options for achieving their business goals in a relatively short timeframe. A three-pronged PR strategy was developed.

  1. Sponsor a meeting of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce. These events attract 100-200 business owners and prospective JLH customers and offered the company a podium opportunity. A carefully crafted presentation was developed for the company’s president and promotional materials were made available on each table. In the middle of the presentation, a “flash mob” broke out with actors singing new lyrics to Please Mr. Postman.
  2. Own a proprietary Customer Bill of Rights. A core element of JLH’s success was its customer service and personalized attention to every job. A 10-point Customer Bill of Rights was created to formalize the tenets of the company’s service proposition and commit to it with every customer and every job. The Bill of Rights was communicated to all current customers, made part of new customer orientation, and used in promotional campaigns as a differentiator.
  3. Host a charity golf tournament. The JLH leaders were avid golfers and were also motivated to support local charitable organizations. The JLH Charity Challenge golf tournament was developed and attracted a full 144 players in its first year. Participants played for bragging rights and, more importantly, for a prize purses to be donated to the charity of the foursome’s choice. The event was marketed to golfers, philanthropists and community leaders, JLH customers, prospects and vendors.



The three-pronged PR approach was successful at each step: an immediate buzz around the Chamber of Commerce event; a long-term reputation associated with quality and commitment through the Bill of Rights; and, an intermediate-term community good-will bump as a result of the charity golf tournament. While JLH and its competitor continued to co-exist in the marketplace, JLH maintained its market share and continues to thrive today.

The PR approach was successful resulting in an immediate buzz, long-term brand reputation, and community good-will.