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Case Study 10

Digital Tools for Marketing Management


Marketing Operations - Digital tools streamline marketing project management



The PeopleReady corporate marketing department received a large number of project requests each week and needed a plan for managing the prioritization, scheduling and monitoring of each one in order to meet the needs of its internal customers. In addition, the team was tasked with managing the completion of Requests for Proposal (RFPs) to win new business and extend current contracts. These requests often came with extremely tight timelines. There was no follow-up process to track the RFP win/loss rate.  A digital solution was suggested as a resource for both project management and RFP coordination.


What Dotti Did

A digital solutions for project management was tackled first. Under Dotti’s leadership, a short list of software solutions was identified and researched. Selection criteria included specificity for marketing projects, ease of implementation and use, intuitive UX and product interface, file management and storage, scalability, access to proofing and editing tools, and cost. As the choices were narrowed, interviews were conducted with current clients of the top two finalists. 

Software solutions were also researched for managing the company’s RFP program. Criteria for this digital solution were the availability of a resource library, ease of use and implementation, scalability and cost. This project approach included engagement with two different consultants to explore non-software solutions.



Project Management. A software solution from WorkFront was chosen. This option met all the selection criteria and came with strong recommendations from current users. Dotti led the contract negotiation, implementation and launch process within the department. As a follow-up to the initial software implementation, Dotti led the creation and staffing of a Project Management Office (PMO) within the department to ensure that each project in WorkFront progressed from initiation to completion in a timely and efficient manner. Dotti engaged a project management consultant to work help create and formalize a sensible, efficient project management process. The WorkFront resource, PMO and process were embedded in the TrueBlue marketing department and became invaluable to the team’s success. 

RFP Management. The result of this project concluded that a software solution would not meet the company’s needs and that, instead, an RFP process needed to be developed before a software investment would make sense. Dotti engaged an RFP consultant to help develop an RFP process. Dotti led the fact finding, communication and implementation of that process, including workbooks and support materials housed on the company's intranet site. In addition, Dotti led the effort to update and consolidate the RFP response library, also housed and managed online. Today, the RFP process is working smoothly with existing human resources (no new hires). It allows for reporting of win/loss results monthly and has helped shape the company’s strategy for seeking out and responding to RFP opportunities across the PeopleReady organization.

The digital resource, PMO and process are now embedded in the marketing department and are invaluable to the team’s success with its stakeholders.