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Case Study 1

Customer Research & NPS


VoiceBack: A Digital Customer Feedback Program & NPS



For many years, construction staffing company CLP had a customer satisfaction program that collected feedback on each job. Data for the program was collected on postcards mailed to and from each customer. This highly-manual process became unsustainable for CLP staff and created “survey fatigue” for customers. In addition, it became apparent that Satisfaction was not a driver for revenue expansion; Loyalty was. CLP needed to re-tool its feedback program to provide real business value and automate the process to gain efficiency for both its customers and its staff.


What Dotti Did

Research uncovered the value of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) approach to measuring customer loyalty and create business value. NPS is based on the premise that loyal customers - those who are willing to buy more, buy more frequently, and encourage others to do so – are more profitable than disloyal ones; that loyalty can be scored in a logical and consistent way; and, that customer behavior can be predicted and managed based on that score. By asking “the ultimate question” and a few follow-up questions to gain deeper understanding, companies can learn which customers are most likely to promote or detract from a brand….and take appropriate action with each. 

Dotti led the project to create an NPS-based customer feedback program for CLP that was 100% email-based and build a dashboard of results captured in real time, down to the individual customer and branch. The program, which was branded VoiceBack, was launched after extensive education of CLP staff members about how to position the survey with customers and how to act on the results. Collateral materials and web content were created to explain and promote the program. Branded email templates were used to distribute surveys to customers.



VoiceBack was well-received by CLP customers, with month-over-month gains in response rate. A goal of 20% response rate was set and although it was not achieved before the program wound-down, NPS scores consistently exceeded industry averages and improved continuously over the life of the program. Under Dotti’s leadership, VoiceBack was later expanded to sister brands Spartan Staffing and Centerline where it drove value and customer insight, and identified areas for business and operational improvement.  VoiceBack was eventually consolidated into a similar feedback program managed by the parent company TrueBlue, Inc. 

NPS scores consistently exceeded industry averages and improved continuously over the life of the program.