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What You’ll Learn When You Outsource PR

Companies that outsource PR – all or a portion of it – always learn something new in the process. That’s a bold statement, but one that’s backed-up by experience and a little bit of common sense.  What will you learn when you outsource PR?

  • New ideas. Any single person or team can stale. Everyone brings their own life and business experience to work with them. When you outsource PR, your business will learn new ways of delivering your message, new tools to reach new audiences, even new phrases that can freshen-up your communications. That’s the beauty of new heads in the game: new ideas.
  • What’s missing. When you outsource PR, a smart consultant will be able identify what’s missing from your current strategy. Your PR program may be so familiar to you, you may overlook important elements that can be added. Some examples are a crisis communication plan, a social media protocol, or a PR program for your internal staff. Your PR program may be so familiar to you, you may overlook the obvious. It happens.
  • An outside POV. Just as a consultant can help you identify what’s missing in your PR program, she can also bring the perspective of an outsider – a point of view that your internal team may be immune to or may be reluctant to suggest because of politics, inertia or sacred cows. This is an often-cited benefit of engaging any consultant, and it holds true for outsourcing PR, too. 
  • The value of your internal PR team. Your internal PR team is good. Really good. Otherwise, why would you have hired them? Having others give input and support to your PR effort can shine a light on the value and expertise that an internal team offers because of their experience, engagement and knowledge.
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