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What to expect when you outsource PR

Many companies don’t need a public relations team. That may sound odd coming from a PR practitioner.

The truth is, if smaller companies have a good PR plan and a process for handling issues, qproblems and crises, they can outsource the PR function and lean on those resources when and where needed.

Larger companies can outsource a portion of their PR program to manage special projects, cover for turnover, or provide insight and consultant to internal teams.

When you outsource PR, you can expect to maximize your budget and human resources.

In addition, here are four things to expect when you outsource PR to a communications consultant:

  • Your PR consultant will want to get to know you and your business well. A good PR partnership is based on mutual trust and understanding.
  • You can expect your consultant to create a strategic PR plan that your internal team can implement, or that your consultant can put into play with them or on her own.
  • Your PR program will include a range of tactics – not just media relations – such as content creation, reputation management, sponsorship and event marketing, promotional activities, and product launches.
  • Your company’s PR program should include a crisis response plan and stand-by preparations for when the unexpected happens.

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