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The Soul of a Brand

An organization’s vision, values and mission form its soul. These three elements set a path toward the future, create standards for behavior, and clarify purpose.

Without a vision, values and mission, an organization misses the foundation on which strategies, messaging, goals and creative rest. Tactics and plans, without a tether to the foundation, float away without delivering maximum value.

An organization’s vision, values and mission align the team to move toward business goals. They clarify for customers the kind of company they are dealing with. They communicate to prospective employees the cultural backbone of a business.

Foundation, backbone, soul….those are strong concepts for any company. At the same time, they are malleable, open to adjustment over time as a business grows, learns, and adapts to a changing world. 

How long has it been since your organization had a strategic refresh of your vision, values and mission?

Dotti Gallagher