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Outsource PR to a Consultant: 10 Tips for a Smart Choice

Bringing on a consultant when you outsource PR is a big decision. Choosing the right partner for your business and your culture is arguably the most important step in the process.

What should you look for? Here are 10 tips for a smart choice

  1. Does the consultant have experience in your industry or sector? Find one who does and you’ll spend less time and money helping her learn.
  2. Ask about the consultant’s professional business associations: is he APR, Accredited in Public Relations by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) or an active member?
  3. Why is this person consulting in PR? Look for someone who has made PR consulting their business, not someone who is biding her time while looking for a traditional job or handling communications on nights and weekends.
  4. Do a google search. Check out the consultant’s website, social media sites and blog posts. If this is the kind of work your business needs, your consultant should demonstrate that she’s created strong PR for her business.
  5. Where is the consultant based? Location shouldn’t drive your decision unless you expect a PR partner who will regularly spend time at your office.
  6. Look at the consultant’s menu of services relative to your needs. Common services are strategy development, media relations and crisis planning as well as content development, media training or speaker coaching sessions.
  7. Ask how the consultant interacts with marketing, digital and creative teams. A smart PR partner will have experience in each of these areas.
  8. What companies has the consultant worked for? Look for alignment between his experience and the size, culture, and complexity of your business.
  9. Look at examples of her current work. You should see a variety of voices, tones and attitudes unique to each individual client.
  10. Eventually you’ll have to have the money talk. But save that till later in the vetting process. A smart consultant will not lead with an hourly rate, rather will talk with you about developing a program that fits your budget. If you’re looking for the best hourly rate, you may find yourself watching the meter running instead of getting great value from the relationship.

When you find the right partner to outsource your PR, the relationship will be productive, enjoyable and well-suited to your business.

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