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Dotti Gallagher Consulting helps companies promote and differentiate their brand, tell evocative stories, and build a positive reputation by creating smart marketing and communication programs.


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Outsource PR, Strengthen Your Brand

Your brand, the perception of who your company is and why someone would choose to do business with you, is something you work hard to craft. It’s not enough for prospects to be aware of you. They need to be motivated to choose you.

When you leave this work to your marketing and sales teams, you miss an important player in strengthening your brand:  public relations.

PR smooths the way for marketing and sales by building relationships with current and prospective customers. PR strengthens your brand.

Many companies today outsource PR to manage resources, control costs and strengthen their brand. If you’re looking to jump-start your PR program or keep it going during times of turnover or expansion, outsourcing can be the smart way to go.

I can add strength to your brand with just-in-time PR consulting. Let’s chat!

Dotti Gallagher