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Branding Starts with a Vision

Most companies have a vision statement. It’s something the leaders or board of directors typically creates, then hands off to marketing departments who put it on posters, mugs and websites so everyone can see it. And boom – done.

I believe many organizations confuse a vision with a mission statement. The vision of a company – it’s projected future state - is the single most important part of a strategic branding process. It does three things:

1 – it gives a business shape and direction
2 – it helps propel a business forward
3 – it aligns and inspires the internal team to achieve the company’s business goals

When creating a vision, start by answering these five questions:

1.       Why do we exist as an organization?
2.       What are we trying to achieve? What do we do?
3.       What is the environment we will exist in five years from now?
4.       What are we proud of? What do we feel good about?
5.       What are famous for?

Smart leaders know where they want to take their company. They work with their marketing team to craft that vision into a story they can communicate to the team and to write a shorthand version that becomes the vision statement.

When everyone in an organization is inspired by a vision, they will pull toward it as a team.

Dotti Gallagher