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7 Reasons to Outsource PR

Outsourcing work to third party firms and consultants is a familiar concept to most business people. For companies large and small, there are practical reasons to take this approach.

Here are seven wise reasons to outsource PR.

  1. Cost and budget control. It simply costs less to outsource a specific project or set of tasks than to hire and build a team in-house. Outsourced PR specialists can quickly add value to a business and stick within established budgets.
  2. Risk management. Companies take on long-term financial and human resources risk when hiring permanent staff. Outsourcing eliminates those risks, while providing expertise and focus from PR experts.
  3. Turnover. It happens among the most loyal of teams, and hiring new folks can take months. Rather than rushing to fill an opening, outsource PR to a consultant team that can fill-in for the short term to keep PR programs running seamlessly and to transition the role to new staff when they’re hired.
  4. New product launch. Launching a new product takes specialized PR focus, expertise and time that the regular PR team may not have. This short-term effort can be filled with an outsource PR team for maximum short-term effect and long-term sales gains.
  5. Expansion or acquisition. Unique projects like these take special handling. Outsource PR to a consultant with experience in new markets or corporate M&A activity to capture and add that expertise to the internal PR team.
  6. Strategy development. Great PR starts with solid strategy. Solid strategies get stale and need to be updated. Whether creating a new PR strategic plan or refreshing an existing one, a third-party PR professional can bring this perspective and expertise to an internal team, and free them to manage launch and ongoing implementation efforts.
  7. Efficiency. Sticking with your core business and outsourcing PR is efficient. It allows even small firms to engage top talent for this strategic communications function. It can create competitive advantage and add value to customers, staff and stakeholders.

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