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5 Signs it’s Time to Outsource PR

“Stick with what you’re good at” is common advice and one of the reasons why companies large and small outsource services like IT, legal and risk management.

More and more companies have realized that there is tremendous value in outsourcing “softer” functions too, from HR administration and recruiting to public relations and marketing. 

Here are five signs that it’s time to outsource PR.

  1. Your company has no PR strategy, plan or activity. Even the smallest company needs a PR strategy that promotes the brand, builds its reputation, and sets-up its sales and marketing teams for success.
  2. You’re expanding. Growing companies often find themselves short-staffed for key functions like PR, but not ready to commit to hiring new staff. Outsource your PR and you’ll have a ready-made team to support new locations or acquisitions, and the flexibility to dial-back their effort later.
  3. You’re launching a new product. When you outsource PR for new product launches, the rest of your team can focus on other aspects of your enterprise while the PR gurus drive traffic, interest and demand for your latest offering.
  4. You’re coping with turnover. Every company faces this issue; people are mobile and life events take precedence over work. Outsource your PR to cover for vacancies from turnover, maternity and paternity leave and your PR program can continue seamlessly, and your outsourced consultant can ease your permanent staff back into the business when the time comes.
  5. You need high-powered talent…but not forever. Outsource your PR to an experienced PR professional for specific deliverables like strategy development, content mapping or an integrated digital plan.  Then, shift implementation back to your in-house team. This approach leverages human resources and controls cost.

Follow the signs and your business can be on the road to its PR destination.

Dotti Gallagher