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Dotti Gallagher Consulting helps companies promote and differentiate their brand, tell evocative stories, and build a positive reputation by creating smart marketing and communication programs.


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Success requires more
than a great product.

Today’s business leaders need more than a great product and superior service to succeed. They need to promote themselves in a way that cuts through the noise and clutter of modern life and reaches the people they aim to connect with. They need to utilize digital tools in a way that makes sense for their business and their budget. They need to communicate effectively with their customers, prospects and employees. And, they need to do all this while maintaining a positive reputation and differentiating their brand from the competition. They need a marketing strategist.

 Meet Dotti Gallagher Consulting.




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What Can Dotti Gallagher Consulting Do For You?


Dotti Gallagher Consulting brings together the marketing, branding and public relations resources businesses need today, all in one neat package.


MArketing strategy



copywriting & editing

BRand Building

public relations

brand storytelling

Public Speaker Coaching

DIGITAL & web strategy

content marketing

social media strategy

project management


Dotti is great at developing a marketing strategy and implementation plan that is highly aligned to business needs. She is well versed and experienced in PR, branding, SEO, social media, Digital Marketing and website integration. She uses her vast knowledge and experience to formulate a cohesive and integrated marketing strategy.
— John Fairley, Vice President Digital Services, Walker Sands Communications


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